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Many go to court only to find out it is more expensive, time-consuming, and confusing than they thought it would be. As a result, people often end up frustrated because they don’t get the resolution they’re seeking. Mediation is an effective alternative for resolving conflicts outside of the courtroom. The mediation process saves time and money by providing flexibility and control, allowing you to resolve issues on your terms.

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“Marya was an Amazing mediator. She made the complicated process of divorce much easier. Our divorce was final on 60 days. She had good suggestions for how to be fair and she gave us guidelines for how to handle everything else. Mediation was the best choice for us, and was better for our kids too. It's definitely a more peaceful divorce option that should be considered.”
– Jennifer
“You were such a help and a comfort to me through the process, and I am endlessly grateful. I appreciated how warm and kind you were, and how professionally you handled and eased tense moments in those meetings. We also have a rock solid agreement that we’ve been able to abide by really beautifully. I’m happy to say, and I would guess you hear this a lot, that Rob and I have such a better relationship divorced than married, and Olivia has two happy, healthy parents that love her. Thank you so much for all that you do and did for me and my family. I truly appreciate it.”
– Kelly
“Thank you for all of your help. You made a difficult process very easy.”
– Kim
“I would recommend any divorcing couple to use mediation, and Keystone mediated my divorce very well. Matt made the process simple and as stress-free as possible in the circumstances. He helped us navigate the legalese on the forms and saved us the headache and hassle of a 'DIY divorce.' He also helped us reach compromises on some sticky issues and built them into the agreement, no cutthroat litigation (nor the exorbitant attorney fees) necessary. Best part was that I didn't have to step foot in the courthouse.”
– Zach
“Going through a divorce is difficult. It is overwhelming to think of finding and paying for a divorce attorney. Working with Keystone Mediation was very comfortable, very organized and very affordable. We were able to work out property, custody and financial arrangements and finalize the divorce in less than 3 months. We did not have to appear for court dates, stand in front of a judge or put our children through any additional stress. I cannot thank Marya and her team enough for helping my family move forward."
– Tammy
“I strongly recommend Keystone Mediation. Matt's compassion and professionalism helped my family navigate a difficult time with structure and clarity."
– Emily
“Matt was one of my Mediation Certification course coaches at Northwestern University, and was incredibly adept and knowledgeable in not only teaching us a variety of options to use effectively in our Divorce Mediation practice, but was patient, kind, understanding and always ready with answers to our questions. Because of Matt's expertise and teaching method, I feel that I am a confident, impressive and well-prepared Mediator. His clients have definitely selected the best!"
– Rhonda
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