january divorce mediation

Why You Should Try Mediation for Your Divorce in January?

January is usually a month that tends to be dark, cold, and drags on as we slowly move toward spring. We can thank Julius Caesar for such a long month, as he added the 31st day we still recognize today. In the Northern Hemisphere, January is the coldest and darkest month. So cold that the Saxons used to call January the “Wolf Month” because wolves would creep into their towns scavenging for food as much of the ground was frozen. January even has a day known as Blue Monday, which experts have deemed the most depressing day of the year. It should come as no surprise then that January is the month where more couples decide to separate or divorce more than any other month. However, January isn’t all bad!

Positive Aspects of January

January also symbolizes new beginnings. We have ended the previous year and are about to embark on the unknown of a new year. More dating profiles are created in January than any other month. Many use January as an excuse to burn off holiday calories, leading to further positive health changes. In 1892, Ellis Island opened, allowing over 20 million immigrants to enter the United States to help fill shortages in labor demand.

Creating New Beginnings in January with a Divorce

When someone chose to divorce, it was almost a foregone conclusion that the person filing went to find a good attorney. With so much online information today, many find alternatives to the traditional, adversarial approach. Some alternatives include collaborative law, annulments, legal separation, and mediation.

What Divorce Mediation Can Do for You

Divorce mediation is a way to spring forward toward a new beginning without the bitterness and cost of a traditional, litigated divorce. Clients going through divorce may have attorneys or participate in the process pro se, in other words, without legal representation. Mediation is an interest-based process that helps identify the needs and interests of the parties. If children are involved in a divorce, mediation can bring up their needs and interests as well. The parties work together to help resolve their conflicts and mutually decide on the outcome instead of a judge.

Mediation empowers each side to ensure a level playing field. It explains things in a way that everyone involved can understand. A large amount of material needs to be discussed and worked out when going through a divorce. By breaking down the details into small chunks, mediation can avoid stress, anxiety and being overwhelmed. The results are a durable agreement that addresses the needs of all the parties involved.

New Year, New Beginnings

Unfortunately, divorces happen for a variety of reasons. However, if you choose to divorce, we hope you can achieve your goals and resolutions toward a new beginning through divorce mediation. Reach out to one of us for a free consultation and learn more about the divorce mediation process.