mediation for conflict resolution

More than Divorce: How We Have Used Mediation for Conflict Resolution

If you are familiar with our business or follow us on social media, you may know that most of our marketing involves divorce and post-decree disagreements. However, mediation is a simple and effective method to resolve conflict as well. We have had some interesting cases that were a little outside the box in the last few years. I thought I would share a few to show you how mediation can be used for more than divorce, but conflict resolution. In each case, we were able to create an agreement or plan that all parties involved were satisfied with. Some details have been omitted or slightly changed to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Case #1: Two Sisters Living Together

The first mediation case regarding conflict resolution came to us compliments of Covid-19. When we first locked down in 2020, some people were spending a lot of time together that hadn’t necessarily done before. Case in point – we were contacted by two adult sisters that ended up living together for a while for economic and practical reasons. However, it wasn’t going as well as hoped. We helped them reach a “living together agreement.” We didn’t focus on the old issues that all siblings have. Instead, we helped them look at the day-to-day and focused on looking forward to creating a plan for how they could work and live together without wanting to kill each other. And it was specific – if someone cooked, the other cleaned. When? That night before bed. What did clean mean? We spelled it out. With a little bit of help, they created a plan that allowed them to move forward.

Case #2: A Conflict Between a Teacher and a Parent

Another interesting case came to us when a school administrator contacted us. They had received a complaint from an unhappy parent. They were hoping to resolve the complaint to avoid potential legal action. We met with both parties together and helped them find common ground by identifying each party’s needs and interests. It turned out that they both cared about the school itself but had different ideas and expectations as to how some aspects should function or be handled. It took the better part of a day, but they reached an agreement that addressed both parties’ needs and interests, and for a fraction of the cost of a litigated case.

Case #3: Mediation Can Help Eldercare Disputes

Lastly, a client contacted us to see if we could assist with a conflict regarding her elderly mother, who lived with her sister. The sister was not accommodating any of the siblings in visiting with their mother or seeing her regularly. We ensured that the mother had a voice in the discussion and addressed each sibling’s needs and interests. This case had a lot of underlying issues, as family matters often do. Still, we were able to work out a schedule that appeased everyone. Eldercare disputes are complicated, and courts are often tasked to resolve this type of disagreement. Mediation allowed them to resolve the conflict within the family and helped create a solution that worked for them.

As you can see, conflict comes in all different styles, from family members to organizations. If you have a conflict that you would like to see resolved, inside or outside your family, and are unsure if mediation would work or is the right solution, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We would love to discuss how mediation works and help you find conflict resolution within your case.