Improve Interpersonal Communication with Interpersonal Mediation

Improve Interpersonal Communication with Interpersonal Mediation

Co-written with Anna Dennin of Analyse the Assets, CDFA® and Mediator. 

Recently, a group of professional mediators through the Academy of Professional Family Mediators™ met to discuss a growing trend for what they were calling marital mediation. After a handful of meetings, it became clear that this type of mediation was in demand for many different types of relationships, from siblings, to marriages, to college roommates, to friendships. So, what do you call this type of mediation? 

Introducing Interpersonal Mediation

Interpersonal, (adj.): relating to relationships or communication between people. 

So, what is Interpersonal Mediation? It is a mediation process that is also known as Relationship Revamp, Roommate Rehab, Sibling Sit-down, Friendship Fix, or Marriage Mediation.  

Most of us will experience a situation at some point in our lives where we will experience conflict with those we are closest to. Living under the same roof with a friend or family member can be a cause for celebration or angst. As with many relationships, it may start out exciting and smooth, with the excitement of picking out furniture and decorations and thinking of all the fun times you’ll have living together, or maybe it’s the idea of collaborating on work projects. As time passes, brewing conflicts may increase as the habits of the other person don’t align with yours.  Maybe it’s dirty dishes in the sink, laundry left laying out in the hallway, uneven grocery consumption, or lopsided financial contributions to living expenses. Resentment builds, and if left unaddressed, can cause anxiety and lingering, intense emotional feelings that leave you with a pounding heart and sweaty palms. Between the tension that builds when a problem is brewing, to the heated disagreements that later unfold, most of us will react with a fight or flight tendency. Who could help with these difficult conversations? 

Improve Interpersonal Communication

Changes in a relationship such as marriage, having children, moving or relocating for work, and dealing with sick or elderly parents can often put a strain on the relationship. In a marriage, the journey will have peaks and valleys throughout. Often, couples will try Marriage Therapy or counseling. How do you decide on the therapist, will the insurance cover it, how often will you go, and what if you are not on the same page in terms of therapy? Who could help navigate these concerns? 

Friendship Fix

When COVID-19 hit, we saw friendships altered due to personal stances on vaccinations and school masks. Some friendships were severed because of opposing views. Who could you talk with to help mend these relationships and avoid potentially severing these friendships? 

Workplace Mediation

When disputes within small businesses arise and there is no human resources department, how does workplace conflicts get resolved?  Many employees find themselves looking for a new job and many small businesses do not reach their potential output or production due to workplace disagreements. What can be done to help? 

Sibling Sit Down

When the death of a parent occurs, siblings often disagree over the estate and assets of the deceased. Some siblings might never speak to each other again which dishonors their parents’ legacy and the result has a dreadful effect on the whole family. What can help mend conflict between family members?   

Relationship Revamp

If you find your romantic relationship in any stage of conflict, you might be searching for resources that are available to help the situation before it reaches the critical point.  What approach can help restore harmony and work out your differences? 

Calm Conflict with Interpersonal Mediation

Most internet google searches for mediation focuses on marriage, divorce, or romantic relationships – so where is the mediation that applies to your situation?   

The good news is there is an option! Interpersonal Mediation. Engaging in interpersonal mediation makes it possible for you to control the outcome in your conflict. How does it accomplish this?  Interpersonal mediation helps facilitate the tough conversations up front to manage the expectations of your relationship with one another by identifying your individual needs and interests, establishing healthier methods of interpersonal communication, and helping craft a plan forward to address each other’s needs and interests. Interpersonal Mediation assists in achieving a mutual understanding, invites the healing process to begin, and leads the way to a harmonious, successful future.  

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