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Frequently Asked Questions

The divorce process can be confusing. Find answers to the most common divorce and mediation questions here.

How much does the divorce mediation process cost?

Today, the average cost of a litigated, contested divorce is $15,000. The average cost of a mediated divorce is $5,000 with children. However, the total amount depends on your unique situation and resolving your concerns and conflict areas. Our fee is $300 per hour, and we charge a one-time, $150 Administration Fee. We offer different payment options, including a flat rate to make life easier on everyone. We give discounts for union members, active military, medical workers, essential workers, and veterans. We also offer a discounted rate for low-income families. Indiana ADR Rules dictate that the cost of the Mediation is to be split equally between the parties. Lastly, we think you both work hard for your earnings, so we do not require a retainer.

Do you do all of the legal paperwork required to get divorced?

In the State of Indiana and unrepresented by an attorney, we can do most of the paperwork, including drafting the Mediated Settlement Agreement, the Dissolution of Marriage, and a Waiver for Final Hearing and file it directly from our office to the Court. In the State of Illinois, or if represented by an attorney, we draft a Memoranda of Understanding, which you would give to your lawyer for their review and draft the Settlement Agreement for you. If finances are a concern, we can help you both complete a court approved form to satisfy the court’s requirements.

How long does divorce mediation take?

The divorce mediation process is customizable to your schedule. We meet in our office or over Zoom. Each session will be approximately two hours in length over multiple sessions until all matters relating to your situation are discussed and resolved.

If we utilize a mediator for our divorce, do we need a lawyer?

An attorney is an advocate who represents their client’s best interests, gives legal advice, and will fight for their client’s interests. A mediator cannot give legal advice as they serve as a neutral. Should you choose to hire an attorney, we can work with your lawyers to help you through the divorce mediation process. If cost savings is a goal for your mediation, not having your attorneys attend the mediation sessions can address that need. However, we suggest you not sign any agreements until you review them with your attorneys.

Do we have to go to court if we use a mediator?

Through mediation, most couples rarely step foot in a courtroom.

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