parent coordinator

Parenting Coordination

Is your divorce over, but you're still fighting over the kids non-stop?
You may need the help of a court-appointed parenting coordinator.

A parenting coordinator uses a child-focused process that addresses areas of high conflict, assists with the conflict resolution process, and at times, may have a decision-making role.

A Parenting Coordinator is:

  • Appointed by the Court for a defined length of time
  • Assigned a scope or range of responsibilities to help the parties resolve their conflicts
  • May have the authority to decide on behalf of the parties in the children’s best interests to help determine the outcome of the dispute

When a PC, or parent coordinator, does not have Court approved authority to make decisions, then a PC may present a detailed report to the Court recommending an outcome for the Court’s consideration.

Typical areas of conflict where parties may need a PC are when:

  • Co-parents are unable or unwilling to make joint parenting decisions
  • When co-parents do not communicate effectively
  • When one or both parents are unwilling to comply with parenting agreements

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