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Real Estate Mediation

Trust a real estate mediation expert to help you reach the best possible outcome for your most valuable asset.

A home is usually the biggest shared asset in a marriage. However, during a divorce the decision on what to do with the home falls to you and your spouse, since the house that you bought with your spouse cannot physically be split in two. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, the presiding judge in court will decide for you. Based on fact and law, a judge will make a determination without considering you and your spouse’s wishes and neither of you may receive a desirable outcome.

By valuing harmony over conflict and focusing on your interests, real estate mediation may be the solution to help you achieve the best result.

Douglas Katz Real Estate Mediation

Expertise in Real Estate to Help You Reach the Best Agreement

As a Mortgage Banker and a Real Estate Mediator, Doug Katz uses his unique experience and approach to help clients make the right decisions for their home during the divorce process. Drawing from his background at West Point and in the Army, Doug integrates leadership lessons with a martial art form, Aikido, which values harmony over conflict.

With a neutral approach, Doug can help you come to an amicable agreement that best suits both you and your spouse, with options that incorporate:

  • Whether it makes sense to refinance your home or purchase a new one
  • Tax, credit and other considerations in home refinancing
  • Differences between residential and investment real estate
  • Your interests and desired outcome

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If you’re considering divorce or in the divorce process, real estate mediation can help you come to agreement on the disposition of your most valuable asset. Reach out today to learn how Doug Katz can help you reach the best available result by putting your best interests first.